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How Its Work

Reach the right customers at the right time.

We get the word out about your product or service on the channels where your customers spend their time – whether it be Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, LinkedIn or many more. 

To maximize ad effectiveness, we create a consistent and compelling message that combines the right keywords, messaging and target to produce sales. It’s a mathematical formula that can be modeled, properly planned, and supercharged with brilliant creative work.  The consistent combination of pay-per-click (PPC) management, continuous optimization and advanced analytics is how we craft disruption together… one click-at-a-time.


Reach more potential customers by delivering ads in prominent placements across the internet, such as on Facebook and a variety of news, blogs, and niche sites.


Advertise to future customers the moment they search for the products or services you offer. We bring your website to the top of the page on search engines, such as Google and Bing.


Connect with customers while they shop on marketplaces, such as Amazon and Google Shopping. We bring your product within reach the moment your customers search.


Target ads to the users most likely to produce the most profit for your company based on demographics, interests and custom audiences on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. 

Here’s How It’s Done: Launching Your PPC Campaign

You don’t have to worry about anything else. By partnering with us as your white label PPC agency, we’ll handle the rest to jumpstart your PPC campaigns for clients.

Step 1

Finding the Right Keywords

We begin by researching and analyzing keywords to ensure your PPC ad campaigns use the best ones. This kicks off our white label PPC management service with a strong foundation for setting up your campaigns.

Step 2

Creating a Campaign

Using their specialist knowledge, our experts for ppc white label services will set up a campaign on your chosen platform. They will design it to meet your goals, making use of the keywords identified and other information gathered during the initial stages.

Step 3

PPC Ads Go Live

Before your ads go live, we’ll make sure you have excellent copy and creative material to suit the audience and goals. Our white label PPC services team will launch your clients’ ads on the best network. When the ads are live, they’ll start showing to the targeted audience.

Step 4

Monitor and Improve

Even the best white label PPC management services won’t get things perfect right away. The next stage involves monitoring the campaign to see what’s working and trying out new things to see how it can be improved. We’ll send you the results of the campaign and the positive effects it’s having on your clients’ businesses.

A Winning PPC Service That Delivers

Our pay per click advertising services provide you with the formula to keep your clients in front and center of their audience.

Solutions Tailored for Businesses

Boosting conversions? Looking for quality leads? No matter what goal your client has, we’ll provide the right PPC service for them.

Expertly Managed PPC Campaigns

Did we mention we’re a certified Google Partner? Get managed PPC campaigns with our certified Google Ads specialists doing the work.

Performance Reports

For us, transparency is everything. We show every progress of campaigns and the most important metrics into a neat white label PPC dashboard and monthly reports.

Certified Google Ads Partner

Our PPC specialists are certified partners of Google and Facebook, with years of experience in search engine marketing. We make it easy for you to focus on providing a great client experience and drive growth to your agency, while our experts handle your pay per click services.

Our experts will show you how to run a PPC white label strategy for your clients:

  • Search Ads – By targeting a keyword, your clients’ ad can show at the top of a search engine results page.
  • Mobile Ads – Your clients’ ad right in the palm of their potential customers’ hands. That’s right where you want them to be.
  • Display Ads – Google Display Ads can be on any of Google’s network sites: YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and more.

Results-Driven White Label SEM Packages for Businesses

Combining our experience, technology, and methodology, we’ve developed PPC reseller programs that allow you to maximize value for your clients. Choose from any of our white label PPC management solutions, and we’ll deliver the results for you.

Paid Media Starter – Google Search Ads

Your entry level PPC workflow. Ideal for businesses that want to appear on search results and get instant traffic.

Paid Media Mix – Search, Display & Remarketing Ads

The extra push to convert more customers from ads. Build a strong online presence for businesses and start driving more leads.

Paid Media Mix – Search Ads & Facebook ads

Start getting more online presence and drive conversions with engaging Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads.

Paid Media All-In – Search, Facebook Display & Remarketing Ads

A combination of powerful ads in different platforms. Drive more leads with the right messaging for the right audience.

Case Studies

Are your paid ads paying off? When it comes to PPC marketing, we’ve got the experience and know-how needed to drive ROI from your paid campaigns — and help you avoid costly Google Ads mistakes.

22:1 ROAS for Icon Swimwear

Icon Swimwear hired Volume Nine to help increase sales for their swimwear with Google Ads and social media ads. As one of our most successful e-commerce campaigns, this swimwear brand saw a massive return on investment.

13% Increase in Conversions for eMedCert

eMedCert sells online medical certification courses and came to V9 with a high-performing account. Still, our experts dialed it in further to increase conversions by 13%, making the campaign even more profitable.

401% ROAS for a WOCA USA


GloPro turned to Volume Nine to help consumers better understand their unique product offering in the highly competitive makeup industry. See how their #glointheknow social media marketing campaign helped drive awareness and reach for their brand.

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