Sex Toy Company Prevails

Penetrating the Adult Market & Winning Revenue

The Company


This online-only business has been active since 2003. All sales come through their website, there is a huge variety of products. Jane has hired Inbound Revenue in hopes of reaching more people with intents to buy. 

The Challenge


Taking on an e-commerce client is always risky business. We found Jane’s business very interesting and full of possibilities. However, the business was having a very hard time and these were some of the problems we had to face head on:

  • Shopping vs Search?

With a limited budget, we had to choose where we wanted to invest the client’s money first. As always, low ad spend in a campaign can be fatal for that campaigns success, which is why choosing a single path was important in the beginning.

  • Small amounts of relevant traffic

One of the most important challenges was definitely getting more clicks from people with the intent to buy, not people who merely wanted to look at sex toys. Unqualified clicks were draining the budget and not getting the best results – 180 clicks a week were happening on average with an average ad spend of $42 while conversions averaged at 6/week. This is based on 5 months of data in 2019, prior to Inbound Revenue taking over.

Our Solution


Start with a Shopping campaign and once that takes off create a new Search campaign to support the new Shopping campaign. With a passionate and engaging client, getting great results were inevitable and Jane was more than happy to give us her opinion on our keyword research and ad copy.

  • Bulletproof Strategy

The general strategy was to start off with a Shopping campaign that would function differently than before. Ad groups were created for each product category and performance was monitored periodically in order to establish which ad groups perform and which ad groups are being overpaid.

  • Regular Optimizations

Ad groups that performed well were untouched in terms of ad spend while search terms for these ad groups were gathered and added into Search campaigns as ad groups and keywords. Ad groups that performed poorly had their bids lowered as much as possible until optimal CPL was achieved for each one.

  • Avoiding Irrelevant traffic on a Shopping Campaign

Irrelevant traffic is cut from our campaigns with efficient campaign optimizations. Ad groups that perform poorly means that they are utilizing too much ad spend and are bringing in too many irrelevant clicks that trigger off of search terms that don’t have anything to do with the client’s product line. By decreasing ad spend on certain product and increasing ad spend on other products, we were able to achieve a very efficient campaign that brought in amazing results.

The Result 


Our campaigns were enabled on the 10th of June

Average costs per conversion dropped around 35% when compared to results before IR took over and are now not exceeding $11/conversion, averaging at $9.2/conversion. Client’s expected CPL is $15. These numbers apply only to the Shopping campaigns.

Search campaigns have made strides too, reaching $42/conversion since Inbound Revenue took over. Prior to us, costs per conversion for Search campaigns were at $50/conversion.


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