Illinois Towing Company Makes a Comeback

4x Increase in Daily Revenue 

The Company


Darryl* used to work with a national Tow Truck* company when he decided to start his own business. With the promise of a partner and some change to spare, he started his own company – Xtreme* Towing. Unfortunately, due to not being able to break-even, Darryl’s endeavor was about to go crashing. 

That’s when he met Mark and heard about Inbound Revenue!

The Challenges:


When we on-boarded Xtreme Towing, we had a few challenges to resolve: 

  • Urgency of Action: Darryl had chosen Google Ads as his final resort to get the company back on track. Our primary challenge was to perform, quickly and effectively.
  • Concerned Client: Due to past experiences, Darryl was hesitant to place his all his trust with one firm. We were in danger of spoiling the broth with too many cooks.
  • Limited Resources: Every last penny was invested in Google Ads with Inbound Revenue. Our results would have to not only give Darryl a decent ROI, but also, enough profit to re-start the business. 

Our Solution 


We faced each of these challenges head on:  

  • Expediting Work:  Not a moment was lost in getting the client on-boarded and launched. From start to finish, we treated his work as a priority.
  • Constant Communication: Good client managers know that sensitive matters require more attention. Our team rallied for Darryl, as his PPC Partners, to keep him in the loop every step of the way and reassure him of our progress. 
  • Research: At IR, we always make sure the campaigns land on the ground running. Xtreme Towing was no exception!



    We followed the steps below to launch the campaign: 

    • Keyword Research
    • Ad Copy Writing
    • Competitor Research
    • Campaign Build
    • Review & Launch

        The Result 


        Our campaigns were launched on the week of June 10th.

        Increase in Conversions – 3x
        Decrease in Cost/Conversion – 18x
        Increase in Calls – 13 per month to 15 per week
        Increase in Client Revenue – $150/day to $600/day

        We achieved a 4x revenue increase for Darryl & Xtreme Towing! This helped him make a comeback and re-start his business.

              As is seen from the graph above, the campaigns achieved an instant overall success. By working collaboratively with us, Darryl was able to re-establish his company and we found ourselves a terrific client. A win-win for all!

              *Disclaimer – to protect the client’s interests, the names of companies and people have been changed 

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