Paid Advertising πŸ“°

Paid Ads… with a Twist! πŸ–₯️

Smart Targeting 🎯

Instead of paying a premium to advertise to professional audiences of platforms like linkedin. We take those audiences & create look-a-like audience on wider-reaching ones to ensure a great audience with an effective cost per lead.

Lead Forms πŸ“

Reducing prospect friction by using lead forms native to ad platforms allows us to get higher response rates. This then allows us collect information (email, phone number, etc.) so we can follow up with interested prospects.

Engaging Creative/Copy πŸ“Š

Having creative & copy that resonates wiuth our targeted audiences is key. Split testing different images, hooks, & call to actions allows us to understand what our audience likes, and how to do more of it.

Why Paid Ads?Β 

When discussing marketing, most people immediately think paid ads. This can defintiely make sense for companies with larger budgets & want faster lead flow, but this is not the case for all companies. Below is a quick breakdown of weather or not you should use ads for your marketing.

βœ… Start Ads If…Β 

  • You have a general idea of your ideal prospect profile (IPP)
  • You want a more consistent flow of leads
  • You have a team dedicated to fielding/nurturing responses
  • You have atleast $2,000/m set aside for Adspend

❌ Don't Start Ads If...

  • If you don’t have the budget!
  • You have no plan after leads are generated
  • You (or a partner!) don’t have an idea on how to write & make creative that resonates with your IPP.

Case Study πŸ’Ό

10 Closed Deals in 30 Days

What is Apprentice? πŸ€”

Apprentice matches entrepreneurial college students with business owners. They come from the top 5% of applicants from top universities across the nation. Apprentices are specialized in fields like Marketing, Biz Ops, Biz Dev, & Data Analytics.

The Problem 🚨

Getting business owners’ attention! Business owners believe they have to handle a lengthy hiring & onboarding process. We needed to make the business owners aware that there was a solution like apprentice available!

The Solution πŸ’‘

A full service stack: Cold Email, SDR team, & of course, paid ads. This multi-faceted approach allowed us to attack multiple channels, ensuring that Apprentice’s message was shared. Using and SDR team to work Paid Ad responses allowed us to have a very fast turn around from Ad submission πŸ‘‰ Booked call (sometimes as quick as 30 minutes!)

The Results πŸ“ˆ

  • 100’s of meetings booked
  • >$250,000 in LTV generatedΒ 
  • Apprentice is now able to support dozens of business owners & provide real world experience to highly-motivated college students. It’s a win-win!

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