Outbound Lead Generation ✉️

4 Steps to a Successful Campaign

1. Targeting

We start by researching our client’s industry. If our client has an ide of their ideal prospect, we can validate it, or pivot if necessary. This all allows us to find  key decision makers that can push the needle towards a partnership. 🎯

2. Deliverability

Our tech stacks ensures emails hitting each lead’s primary inbox. No more worrying about spam! From setting up DNS Records, Warming Sequences, & Rolling Syntax. This ensures that our clients’ message is being heard. 📣

3. Copywriting

We use a combination of our “Personal, Purposeful, Actionable” framework, & industry specific diction. This makes our outreach sound like we’re having 1-on-1 conversations with prospects at scale! 📝

4. Execution

With the stepping stones laid before, we can send emails from a variety of “look-a-like” domains to preserve client domain health. We then establish a target volume goal for the campaign, ensuring we have what we need to reach the ideal prospects. 📩

Thoughtful, tailored outreach 📝

Creating reasons for people to stay engaged is key. We follow a “Personal, Purposeful, Actionable” framework that allows us to make our outreach feels like 1-on-1 interactions with your ideal prospects.

Personal 👋

Starting off with a touch of personalization will give an edge to not sound like other templated copy. CRM’s allow for custom fields where you can input specific data that you have for companies. This can iclude contact names, company names, company headcount, etc. Use this to your advantage when crafting copy!

Purposeful 🙌

Reaching out with a clear goal in mind, adressing common pain points that your ideal prospect may be dealing with, & providing value before all else will hit hard. You are reaching out cold as a stranger, we need to transfer trust & be positioned as helpers. Clear & concise will mitigate confusion.

Actionable 🫵

Having clear next steps is key. Don’t make the prospect think about how you can serve them. You should already have an idea of how you can help & add value. Don’t stop there! Pushing interested leads to a meeting is how we engage them within the pipeline! Tie in your offering with your sales process & you will be golden!

Are you interested in learning how to tailor your outreach to get meetings booked? 🤔

Our outreach handbook is our blueprint for sending messages that push people to act. It includes:


      • Email, Text, Phone, & LinkedIn Outreach Methodology.
      • 30+ Templates
      • Phone Scripts
      • Industry Examples
We give you the why behind the templates so you have the resources to tailor it for YOUR industry!

Case Study 💼

Startup 👉 $1M in Funding with the power of highly targeted cold email.

What is The Nursing Beat? 🤔

The Nursing Beat (TNB) connects, informs, empowers, & drives change. Taking care of healthcare professionals so that they are armed to take care of our community.

The Problem 🚨

The Nursing Beat had no clear idea of who to target to create a successful lead gen campaign. They had just started seriously marketing, and had limited time & budget to make lead generation work

The Solution 💡

Companies that wan’t direct communication with targeted groups of nurses are perfect to reach out to. This can range from scrub companies to food delivery services. Cold outreach to decision makers at these companies allow for partnerships to be built.

The Results 📈

  • 40% Positive Reply Rate
  • 20 Qualified Meetings in 2 Months
  • Partnerships built with national brands
  • 1 Mil in funding achieved, now scaling operations

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