Houston Roofer Grows Fast

20 Leads in the First 30 Days

The Challenge


The client is a roofing contractor in a very competitive market. They’ve been buying low quality leads and growing by referral and word of mouth, but the growth was slow. They had tried running their own Google Ads campaigns without success.

The client’s Google Ad spend budget was lean for the market so smart spending was crucial to our success.

Our Solution


After reviewing the client’s needs on a kick-off call, we targeted lower cost “roof repair” and localized keywords, such as “Roofers Baytown”.

To keep costs down we targeted mobile traffic, and built a mobile friendly landing page with tracking set up for calls and lead form submissions.

    The Result 


    Right away we generated a solid flow of marketing qualified leads for the client – 20 leads in the first 30 days. By always answering the incoming calls and doing on-site roofing inspections, often the same day, our client was able to upsell many of the leads into roof replacements.

    At one point, we actually needed to pause the Google Ads campaigns so their crews could catch up with the flow of work.

    The average cost per lead is right around $75.00 – which is fantastic in a competitive, Texas market.

    “These are the best quality leads I have ever received. I’ve managed to not only keep my crews busy, but to grow and expand my business. One lead has generated $40,000 in work from a single client


    – Daniel H. 

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